ALGREN – Selected Animation

This is a collection of animation I did for Michael Caplan’s feature documentary ALGREN on the life of Chicago author Nelson Algren. Michael tasked me with illustrating Algren’s brief affair with Simone de Beauvoir in different ways; He asked me to create a fake news reel in the style of Movietone serials, to create cute, caricature animation of their love affair, and to do a montage showing the photos they took while on vacation in Mexico together. I prepped all of the elements in Photoshop, then animated them in After Effects.

Algren (2014) Documentary, Biography, History | 1h 25min | 14 October 2014 (USA) 7.0
Director: Michael CaplanWriters: Michael CaplanStars: Russell Banks, Billy Corgan, Andrew DavisSummary: Algren spotlights the hard-knock life and authentic creative legacy of one of the most underrated writers of the twentieth century, Nelson Algren. Algren's brutally honest portrayal of the American underclass and his hard-nosed lifestyle became his pathway to compassion. Through interviews with Algren contemporaries, experts, and "literary soulmates," as well as through the photography of Algren's friends, Art Shay and Stephen Deutch, the film tells his story. It celebrates his tremendous contribution to and influence on American letters, and pushes Algren, champion of the marginalized, out from the margins. Written by Michael Caplan