These are samples from a series of training films on restaurant sanitation and food safety I created for Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises.

The first clip is the introduction to the series. It was created using outtakes from a day long seminar I shot in downtown Chicago. The seminar emphasized hand sanitation, so I selected dynamic takes showing how we interact with food and with each other using our hands. I composed the music track using loop based software

The second clip is an excerpt from a series of observations done in a restaurant and how the observed mistakes can be corrected. It uses a combination of text, still photos and video taken from the lecture/seminar. I manned one of the three cameras for this day long shoot then helped executives at LEYE develop the lecture into a training video. We also shot additional stills at a later date. This was all edited in Avid Media Composer and delivered as a set of training DVDs to be distributed through all Lettuce restaurants.