50 AT 50 – Selected Animation

These are animations I created for the documentary “50 at 50.” In this feature film writer and director Etta Worthington does fifty new things in the year she turns fifty. I arranged archival photos into a 3D scrapbook, and performed layer separation to give an illusion of depth to some of the photos. I also created a recurring visual element to organize the fifty new things Etta did that year: a 50’s kitchen with calendar and “to do” list on the fridge. I also added items in the kitchen to create urgency, where needed. The film premiered in December of 2012.

50 at 50 (2011) Documentary, Family | 1h
Director: Etta WorthingtonWriters: Etta WorthingtonSummary: A woman gears up for her fiftieth birthday, plagued by memories of a disastrous fortieth year. She decides to make 50 positive by tackling 50 new things in her fiftieth year. Not a bucket list, these events range from serious to rather frivolous: rollerblading, having a soul retrieval, selling peanuts at the ballpark, taking a sword play class, jet skiing, taking a friend to chemo, making a plaster face mask, and more. This film documents that journey, and her post year reflections and discoveries. What started as a documentary about life and vitality, becomes a funny and poignant exploration into change and facing fear. Written by Anonymous