MAGICAL VISION, A Selected Animation

In the feature length documentary “A Magical Vision” Michael Caplan explores the career of scholar and magician Eugene Berger. I was hired by Michael to produce animation for the film. This included 2D and 3D manipulation of archival photographs as well as adding motion and depth to fine art pieces created by Michael Pajon. I also created original animation in the style of Terry Gilliam to tell the history of magic.

A Magical Vision (2008) Documentary | 57min | 12 September 2008 (USA)
Director: Michael CaplanWriters: Michael CaplanStars: Tony Andruzzi, Eugene Burger, Jack GouldSummary: Why is it that societies need magicians to lie to them? It's a question magician and philosopher Eugene Burger addresses as the world-renowned 'Guru of Magic.' In 'A Magical Vision,' Eugene and a circle of other thoughtful magicians reveal why, from past to present, mystery is essential. Written by Lara Marsh