Adrift In The Heartland is a feature film written and directed by Brigid Maher, that I edited. Adrift tells the story of an unlikely friendship between African American social worker, Jasmine and newly married Palestinian American bride, Ayisha. The ladies meet when Jas crashes her car in front of Ayisha’s house.

In the first clip, the ladies’ second meeting, Jasmine returns to claim her lost date book and meets Ayisha’s suspicious husband Yusif. Unfortunately Ayisha’s excellent cooking only feeds the conflict between husband and wife.

In the second clip from Adrift, Jasmine and Ayisha bond over Miles Davis and marital strife. This montage lays out the conflicts in the two relationships but also shows what this music means to these women. I enjoy cutting to music, both in more rhythmic scenes, or as in this one, where the emotion in the music resonates so strongly with the characters in the scenes.

Adrift in the Heartland (2002) | 1h 10min | 2002 (USA) 5.8
Director: Brigid MaherWriters: Brigid MaherStars: Janie Khoury, Ida SmithSummary: