Fear Of Missing Out

FEAR OF MISSING OUT is a multi-arc, multi-generational workplace dramedy with strong female characters.

In her last semester before graduating from college, Dakota signs up for an internship at a small publishing company where she meets and unknowingly influences four other lives. Follow Dakota, Winston, Adam, Sheldon and Margaret as they connect, make their lives better and overcome their FEAR OF MISSING OUT.

FOMO Season 1 is currently in Post Production!

Meet Our Cast

Anthony Whitaker as SHELDON
Joey C Heyworth as ADAM
Eustace Allen as WINSTON
RJW Mays as IRMA
Nina Kern as DAKOTA
Marci Portugal as HELEN
Michael Elder as CHAD
Ali Shan as DR. ANJHANI

In the mean time, enjoy some stills from the first week of production. More to come soon!

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