Writing, Directing & Producing


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Design, Copy, LayoutAqS, promo, created, Jul 2020
LCS 360RA, promo, write, Jun 2020
ROKLive 2020 Streaming SessionsRA, Virtual Event, direct, Jun 2020
Process ControlRA, promo, direct, write, May 2020
First Robotics SponsorRA, live event, direct, write, Mar 2020
Brand Video 2020RA, Brand Anthem, direct, write, Nov 2019
TechEd 2019 Social Media PostsRA, social media updates, direct, Jul 2019
Youth Inventors Challenge HighlightsRA, Social Media, direct, Jul 2019
Risk ManagementRA, promo, direct, May 2019
ME “Cheeseballs”RA, promo, direct, write, May 2019
ME “Cereal”RA, promo, direct, write, May 2019
ME “Yogurt”RA, promo, direct, write, May 2019
Fear Of Missing OutWebseries 6x30min Written, Directed, Produced, 2018
Vibrant News UpdateWrote and Directed, Social Media Update, Vibrant TV, 2017
Snake Week PromoBroadcast promo, Wrote and Directed, Vibrant TV, 2017
Own The Air CampaignBroadcast & Social Media Promo, Wrote & Directed, Vibrant TV, 2017
Fat Cat PromoBroadcast & Social Media Promo, Wrote & Directed, Vibrant TV, 2017
Vibrant TV, Facebook Live!Social Media Event, Directed, Vibrant TV, 2017
Third AvenueScreenplay, Webseries, 2016
Rag WorkScreenplay, Narrative Short, 2016
Golden RetrieverScreenplay, Narrative Short, 2016
The Final WordProduced, short film, Dir. by Vivienne Falls, 2016
Deja VuProduced, short film, Dir. by Aditi Mocharla, 2016
Vibrant TV “Investor Pitch” VideoNetwork Television Investor Pitch, 2016
TRIGGER U-Ep1 “Pilot”- draftNetwork Television Series – Scripted, Vibrant TV 2016
Vibrant Guide To The WorldTV series, 15min x 41 episodes, 2016
2 BettysScreenplay, Documentary Short, 2015
Innocent FruitProduced, short film, Dir. by John Paul Longchamps, 2015
Low Cut ShirtProduced, short film, Dir. by Ezhilan Ulaganathan, 2015
Transcendental PenguinsProduced, short film, Dir. by Anna Munzesheimer, 2015
Love Triangle PromoDirected, Vibrant TV, 2015
Switch” PromoDirected, Subscription Promo, Vibrant TV, 2015
King Kong” PromoDirected, Subscription Promo, Vibrant TV, 2015
Safety Last” PromoDirected, Subscription Promo, Vibrant TV, 2015
The TalkProduced, short film, Dir. by Ben Good, 2015
A Special Best FriendProduced, short film, Dir. by Ruthie Kott, 2015
PODScreenplay, Narrative Short, 2014
BetrayalScreenplay, Narrative Short, 2014
Network Holiday PromoDirected, Vibrant TV, 2014
Agony Aunt PromoDirected, Vibrant TV, 2014
Love Is A Four Letter Word PromoDirected, Vibrant TV, 2014
Double Trouble PromoDirected, Vibrant TV, 2014
World English PromoDirected, Vibrant TV, 2014
Dr. AbandonmentProduced, short film, Dir. by Suresh Choudhary, 2014
Clearing OutProduced, short film, Dir. by Nolan Wells, 2014
Five Magic WordsProduced, short film, Dir. by Nancy Khurana, 2014
A—holesProduced, short film, Dir. by Matthew Eade, 2014
Gays In Spaaaace!Screenplay, Multimedia Documentary, 2012
Gemini RemainsScreenplay, Narrative Feature, 2011
FaerielandScreenplay, Narrative Feature 2011
The Sanitation SeriesIndustrial Training Video, LEYE, 2011
Investigating Food Borne IllnessIndustrial Training Video, LEYE, 2010
Weapons of Mass Salvation”Battlestar Galactica and Philosophy Open Court Press, 2008
Manager Safety Training ReviewIndustrial Training Video, LEYE, 2007
The Betsy Wetsy Timebomb EffectShort film, 2005, IMDB
Spring Training for BussersIndustrial Training Video, LEYE, 2003
Alcohol Awareness for ManagersIndustrial Training Video, LEYE,2002
Madonna, McVeigh and MeOne woman show, written by Lisa Dowda, 2002
David and GoliathShort film, 2002, IMDB
Don’t Ask, Don’t TellScreenplay, Narrative Feature, 2001
Boy BlueNarrative Short, 2001
Salvation’s KnockNarrative Short, 2001
Death Goes Through The ChangeNarrative Short, 2001, IMDB
The Cucumber ChroniclesShort film, 2000, IMDB
Parallel LinesShort film, 2000
Drawing GirlsShort film, 1999, IMDB
The Magic FluteOpera Memphis, Asst. Dir. to Dale Moorehouse, 1997
Riversongs by Sid SelvidgeOpera Memphis, 1997
Different Fields, by Mike ReidOpera Memphis, Asst. Director to Karen Tiller, 1996
A Life Shaped by ArtLecture Recital with Video, 1996
We’re Not In Kansas AnymoreShort film, from a story by Ethan Mordden, 1996
DawnShort film, from a story by James Purdy, 1995
Scenes from Romeo and JulietOpera, 1995
Prima DonnaOperetta, 1994
The Marriage of FigaroAsst. Director to Sharon Papian, 1994